Weider 32% Protein Bar Review

It might sound strange, but Weider Supplements is something I tend to associate with the 80s (and some would probably associate them with even earlier decades), because of how huge they were back then and how relatively tiny they’ve been they last few years in terms of market share. In the nineties, of course, companies like EAS and MuscleTech seemed to wipe the floor with Weider. But hey, guess who’s back! Weider is apparently gaining massively in European countries like Germany and Norway, and more and more supplement outlets are starting to sell their stuff again. And so I thought it’d be good to give the Weider 32% Protein Bar a test run. I must say I am reasonably pleased, and might very well buy this product again.

(Keep it simple, stupid:) The Weider 32% Protein Bar is a decidedly no frills product

This product kinda reminds me of the Weider Nutrition supplements I used to take back in the 80s when I was first starting out doing this lifting stuff: It isn’t very fancy. Let’s take a look at the ingredients:

Ingredients: Glucose syrup, Lactoprotein, Milk Chocolate Coating (Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Milk Powder, Cocoa Mass, Emulsifier: Soya-Lecithins; Flavouring), Fructose Syrup, Collagen Hydrolysate, Vegetable Fat, Dextrose, 1,6% Low Fat Cocoa Powder, Flavouring, Dried Egg Albumin. May contain traces of nuts and peanuts.

No waxy maize, HMB, Vitargo or other fancy ingredients here, in other words. The Weider 32% Protein Bar I’ve been enjoying is basically a simple chocolate bar with some milk protein (or, as they put it on the label, lactoprotein) added in. That’s it. Admittedly, that’s the way most protein bars on the market are put together. If you’re new to this stuff, you should realize that there is nothing magical about a product like this: It’s just a simple, convenient and fairly tasty way to get 19,2 grams (per 60g bar) of milk protein, which you could also get by drinking four glasses of milk. The protein here is of no better quality, and won’t promote muscle growth any more than those glasses of milk would. So don’t buy a pack of these for any other reason than to have a tasty, protein rich treat handy when you’re out and about, or when you’re at home and feel like reaching for a chocolate bar but want something a little higher in protein. That’s what it will do for you.

At 32% protein per weight, though, it is higher in protein than most of the competition. That’s obviously a good thing. This is not a low fat or low carb product, though: each bar will also give you 27 grams of carbohydrates and 5,4 grams of fats in addition to the 19,2 grams of protein. As such, it makes for a decent post workout meal (at least if you have two of them!)

Taste & “Eatability”

This is quite a tasty protein bar. It’s not among the absolute best I’ve had, but it’s certainly good enough to warrant buying more of them. I’ve only tried the chocolate version, but these bars also come in vanilla and banana flavored versions – which I’ll be happy to try once I can get my hands on them.

I’ll be glad to recommend the Weider 32% Protein Bar to anyone looking for a tasty snack from one of the oldest companies in the business.


Nanox Varcil R2

Rejoice, supplementaholics: it’s time for a new protein powder review! Varcil R2 is a high end whey isolate powder that costs a litte more than Nanox’s Protilox (which we have already reviewed). Here’s what I think of it:

Taste, texture and mixability

While I wasn’t crazy about the taste of Protilox I’d heard great things about the taste of this product, so expectations were quite high and when ordering I decided to go for the “Belgian Chocolate” flavor. It seems like the most popular version of this product, and I’ve been enjoying chocolate flavored protein drinks lately. Unfortunately, I actually ended up finding the taste of this product a little disappointing. It’s pretty far from the best tasting chocolate flavored protein drinks I’ve had – at least  when mixed with milk. However, when I mix this powder with milk and a banana, the drink actually becomes quite palatable to me. Give that a try yourself (and let me know what you think – lots of bodybuilders seem to like banana/chocolate flavored drinks and shakes).

It shouldn’t be forgotten that this is a whey isolate product, though, and these things are usually harder to get right in terms of taste than products that contain mostly whey protein concentrates. Also: I might be a freak. I’ve heard from several people that they really like the taste of this stuff. You might fall in that category yourself even if I didn’t. You can also get this product in cappucino (that sounds interesting), strawberry and vanilla flavored varieties.

In terms of mixability this product is pretty good, but not at the very top of the heap – I can mix it fine with a fork or a spoon, but getting my protein drink completely lump free isn’t easy that way. I recommend using a blender or a stick mixer if you want a really smooth mix.

Varcil R2 Ingredients and Nutritional Profile

Ok, so the taste wasn’t exactly a home run with me. Here’s what I think is really good about this product, though: it’s nutritional profile. And that’s what matters the most in the end, isn’t it? Let’s take a look at the ingredients:

Whey protein isolate (micro cross flow and ultra filtrated isolate), cacao powder, flavor: chocolate, sweetener sucralose. Contains soy lecithin and traces of lactose.

That’s the kind of list I like the best. No cheap fillers here of any kind. This is a product of quality, no doubt about that.

In terms of nutrition, 100 grams of Varcil R2 will give you 363.44 calories, 86.14 grams of protein, 1.47 grams of carbohydrates and 1.44 grams of fats. A 28 gram serving (scoop is provided) gets you 24.12 grams of protein, 0.41 grams of carbohydrates and 0.40 grams of fats. Those are very good values, and quite typical of the costlier high end protein supplements. Less than a gram each of carbohydrates and fats per serving should make many users very happy – you couldn’t go very wrong by using this product pre-contest, that’s for sure.

So what do I think then?

As I said, I did find the taste slightly disappointing, but then I did find a way to make quite tasty protein drinks with this powder. In terms of nutrition, this product is great – at least if you don’t mind the artificial sweetener used. Those who aren’t fans of Aspartame for whatever reason should be happy that this product is aspartame free.

As is always the case with protein supplements, assessing the gains gotten from use of this product is an exercise in futility. Research shows that using a whey protein supplement can be beneficial for muscle growth, though, and with a whey isolate product like this that has no cheap fillers you can expect as good gains as with pretty much any protein supplement out there. For that reason, I’m happy to put my stamp of approval on Varcil R2. I might even go so far as giving the Cappucino flavor a try sometime in the near future.

Massage Work on Top Level Professional Bodybuilders

One of the perks that often come with being a top level athlete is the regular massages you get. Massages aren’t just great for relaxation and recovery, but are also used to help treat and prevent injuries caused by intense exercise. A good massage can be painful at times, but the end results are usually very favourable – and most of the pain is the kind of pain that in a way feels good even though it hurts – I know people are addicted to that stuff (most hard training gym rats should know what I’m talking about here).

While I’m personally not a professional athlete I do go for a professional massage on a fairly regular basis, and if I’m in place like Thailand – where you can get a decent two hour massage for $15 – I sometimes take a massage almost every day. There’s no doubt in my mind that I benefit from the stuff both mentally and physically.

Here’s a video demonstrating how massage therapist Von Jackson works on four time Mr Olympia Jay Cutler and what goes into working on someone with the almost absurd amount of musclemass that Jay carries around. Worth watching:

Professionals working on Ron Coleman at the Arlington Good Health clinic: