Jay Robb Whey Protein: We Love It!

Over the course last year, I had more than a few people ask me what if I’ve tried Jay Robb’s whey protein products and what I think of them. The big consumer reports racket on heavy metals found in protein supplements that ┬ácame down upon the industry like a ton of bricks a few months ago (at least that’s the impression we’re left with from all the search traffic this site gets on the subject) probably caused more than a few people to be more skeptical of what they’re actually ingesting when taking their supplements, and made them perhaps a little more motivated to find the healthiest alternatives in sports nutrition. And that’s of course a good thing. I personally use sports supplements (and quite a few of them, I might add) on a daily basis and I do not want to worry about whether my doing so is going to bring me health problems later in life. And for that reason I love products that are not meant to just support muscle growth but actually be healthy. What a concept, eh?

Let me state this right away: Jay Robb’s whey protein products are among my favorite sports supplements ever. Not only do they taste great, but they may be – like the popular Sun Warrior Rice Protein – among the healthiest protein supplements that have ever been in production. Period. Jay Robb’s Whey Protein is perhaps not the cheapest protein out there (if cost is a concern, take a look at our reviews of products like Ultimate Nutrition Prostar Whey and Optimum Nutrition’s Whey Protein), but Mr Robb would probably have you believe that you get what you pay for – and in most cases we know that’s true, don’t we. With more expensive protein supplements, you can usually taste the difference straight away – and that’s certainly the case with Jay Robb Whey Protein products. As already stated, they taste absolutely marvelous (at least on par with a past favorite in the taste department, Scitec’s Protein Delite). Jay Robb also sweetens his products with Stevia, so if for any reasons you’re adverse to artificial sweeteners like Aspartame or plain old sugar in your nutritional supplements, Jay Robb is the way (um, whey?) to go.

Please give Jay Robb Whey Protein a try if you haven’t already. Not only do these products get our stamp of approval – in fact, there are few sports supplements we would recommend more strongly.


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