Massage Work on Top Level Professional Bodybuilders

One of the perks that often come with being a top level athlete is the regular massages you get. Massages aren’t just great for relaxation and recovery, but are also used to help treat and prevent injuries caused by intense exercise. A good massage can be painful at times, but the end results are usually very favourable – and most of the pain is the kind of pain that in a way feels good even though it hurts – I know people are addicted to that stuff (most hard training gym rats should know what I’m talking about here).

While I’m personally not a professional athlete I do go for a professional massage on a fairly regular basis, and if I’m in place like Thailand – where you can get a decent two hour massage for $15 – I sometimes take a massage almost every day. There’s no doubt in my mind that I benefit from the stuff both mentally and physically.

Here’s a video demonstrating how massage therapist Von Jackson works on four time Mr Olympia Jay Cutler and what goes into working on someone with the almost absurd amount of musclemass that Jay carries around. Worth watching:

Professionals working on Ron Coleman at the Arlington Good Health clinic: