Tommi Thorvildsen – Glutezilla!

“Glutezilla” Tommi Thorvildsen isn’t just one of the best professional bodybuilders to ever come out of Norway. Nicknamed after his striated glutes, this guy has competed in more than 30 competitions nationally and internationally. That’s a feat in itself, but Tommi hasn’t stopped there. He is also a successful businessman, owning a couple of gyms and a supplement store that also retails online. Curiously, between juggling business commitments, selling sports supplements (yes, you can buy a tub of whey protein from Tommi personally) and living the life of a professional bodybuilder (which, as everyone should know, is a 24 hour a day job), he also finds the time to work as a personal trainer in his Oslo gym and coach some of Norways most promising up and coming bodybuilders on the side. Tommi Thorvildsen should possibly publish a book on time management one day.

Tommi’s first win in a bodybuilding competition was back in 1997, when he competed in Sandefjord Open (which was actually founded by my old friend Geir Hansen, whose gym I trained at back in the late eighties). Tommi has since won a couple of Norwegian championships, and shared the stage in competition with the world’s absolute top bodybuilders of the last two decades. He has also trained with legends like six-time Mr Olympia Dorian Yates and the ageless one himself, Al Beckles.

Leaving the IFBB

After many years as an IFBB Pro and a Weider sponsored athlete, Tommi Thorvildsen left both organizations in 2007-2008 and then joined the young organization UPBF (United Professional Bodybuilders and Fitness Competitors, founded by Norwegian Roar Innlagen). Tommi cites financial reasons for leaving the IFBB, and also wanting to spend more time in Europe while building his businesses.

We hope to see Tommi back in competition soon!

Tommi Thorvildsen’s competition history

  • Sandefjord Open, 1997 (1st)
  • Oslo Grand Prix 1997 (1st)
  • Danish Invitational, 1997 (3rd)
  • Oslo Global Invitational, 1997 (1st)
  • Oslo Bodybuilding Trophy, 1997 (2nd)
  • Norwegian Championships, 1997 (Overall, 1st)
  • Norwegian Championships, 1998 (Overall, 1st)
  • Toronto Pro Invitational, 2000 (18th)
  • England Grand Prix, 2000 (9th)
  • Toronto Pro Invitational, 2001 (4th)
  • Night of The Champions, 2001 (6th)
  • Arnold Classic, 2002 (11th)
  • Grand Prix Austria, 2002 (3rd)
  • Ironman Pro Invitational, 2002 (6th)
  • San Francisco Pro Invitational, 2002 (6th)
  • Mr Olympia, 2002, (22nd)
  • IFBB Iron Man Pro 2003 (13th)
  • IFBB Arnold Classic And Internationals 2003 (12th)
  • IFBB San Francisco Pro 2003 (12th)
  • IFBB Grand Prix Australia 2003 (5th)
  • Night of The Champions 2003 (19th)
  • IFBB Grand Prix Hungary 2003 (13th)
  • IFBB Toronto Pro 2004 (7th)
  • IFBB Grand Prix Russia 2004 (7th)
  • IFBB Grand Prix Holland 2004 (10th)
  • IFBB Grand Prix England (2004 9th)
  • IFBB New York Pro 2006 (did not place)
  • IFBB Montreal Pro Classic 2007 (14th)
  • IFBB 15th Annual Sports/Fitness Weekend & Europa IFBB Super Show 2008 (17th)
  • IFBB Atlantic City Pro 2008 (16th)
  • IFBB Romanian Pro Grand Prix 2008 (13th)
  • UPBF Battle of The Giants 2009 (3rd)