Pro Fitness Model Erin Moubray is a Raw Vegan

Here’s more evidence that eating fruit does not make you fat: Canadian pro fitness model Erin Moubray looks absolutely stunning, and she follows Dr. Doug Graham’s 80-10-10 diet, a carbohydrate rich diet that prescribes a high fruit intake, and a low intake of both fats and protein. Throw that in the face of the next neanderthal theoretician who tells you to avoid eating fruit if you want to look your best, or that low carb is the only way to go if you want to lose that last bit of body fat. More and more people are discovering the insane benefits of following a raw vegan diet, and with any luck silly myths like those will be put to rest soon. Unlike most fitness competitors and bodybuilders, she also uses no supplements.

In the video Erin Moubray discusses how the 80-10-10 has helped her, and made her feel even better than the previous high fat raw vegan diet she was on (which was, admittedly, more along the lines of the diet we discussed here in our raw vegan bodybuilding article a few weeks ago).

If you’re a fitness competitor, bodybuilder – or any kind of athlete – following a raw vegan diet, we’d love to hear from you, as we plan to discuss the virtues – and also the challenges – of this way of eating more in depth in the near future. We’re pretty excited about this stuff, to say the least. It’s had a radical impact on our views on nutrition, health and performance, and while we’re not yet 100% raw vegan ourselves we’ve had great results from eating mostly raw plant foods for long periods of time. Try it yourself – you might be very surprised by the results you’ll get.

Anyway, do watch the video, and if it inspires you to check out more 80-10-10 raw vegan videos visit Dr. Douglas Graham’s FoodnSport Youtube Channel.

Mr Olympia 2011 Results – Phil Heath Beats Jay Cutler!

Ladies and gents, we have a new sheriff in town. Or – at least – a new, and simply phenomenal, Mr Olympia. A phantastic Phil Heath upset four time Mr Olympia Jay Cutler and took home the trophy (and a nice bunch of cash too – no less than $200,000) and can now call himself the best bodybuilder on the planet. At only 31 and still some way from reaching his full potential, Heath looks destined for greatness. Jay Cutler wasn’t in quite as good a shape as we’ve seen him in when he’s taken first spot in the past, and just couldn’t deal with a stunning Phil Heath in the best shape of his life (so far, at least). Kai Greene took third, and seems to be back on track to where he belongs. Newcomer Brandon Curry placed number 8 in what is of course unquestionably the greatest bodybuilding contest in the world, so I think he definitely did something noteworthy here. We certainly look forward to seeing more of you on the Mr Olympia stage in the future, Brandon!

Complete Results Mr Olympia 2011:

  1. Phil Heath
  2. Jay Cutler
  3. Kai Greene
  4. Victor Martinez
  5. Dennis Wolf
  6. Dexter Jackson
  7. Toney Freeman
  8. Brandon Curry
  9. Ronny Rockel
  10. Hidetada Yamigishi
  11. Shawn Roden
  12. Eward Nunn
  13. Johnnie Jackson
  14. Marius Dohne
  15. Craig Richardson
  16. Frank McGratch, Ben White, Evgeny Mishin, Troy Alves, Robert Burnelka, Robert Piotrkowicz, Marcus Haley and Mark LaVoie.

Congratulations, Phil. We are SUPER impressed with you and your progress over these last few years, and look forward to seeing you take home even more Mr Olympia trophies in the future. Because we really think you will.

In other news from Joe Weider’s Olympia weekend, the insanely great Iris Kyle took home another Ms Olympia title (she’s got seven of them now), Adela Garcia took another Fitness Olympia (her sixth), and Nicole Wilkins her second Figure Olympia title.

Study: Milk Rehydrates Your Kid Better than Water

Water is often touted as the best tool for rehydration, but unless you’re on a strict diet there are probably better, more effective drinks to use. If I’m not using a sports drink of some kind (usually with added electrolytes), I personally favor a big glass of fresh coconut water (which contains electrolytes naturally), but now scientists have found that milk may also be a superior rehydration drink – at least if you’re a kid.

Research director Brian Timmons of the Child Health & Exercise Medicine Program at McMaster University engaged eight ten year olds in a study on exercise, climate and rehydration. The children where asked to perform exercise in a climate chamber, after which they were given a liquid to rehydrate themselves, either consisting of milk, water or a regular sports drink They were then measured for rehydration.

The findings may surprise some people. Milk proved to be the superior drink for rehydration, beating out both water and the sports drink used in the study (do keep in mind, however, that there may very well be other brands / types that are superior). Milk is a powerful source of calcium, electrolytes, carbohydrates and high quality protein, and therefore rehydrates better than pure water or sports drinks where only some of these nutrients (typically carbohydrates) are present.

Proper hydration is obviously important for both optimum health and performance. The study was published on August 17th.

It is certainly worth noting that this study was funded by Dairy Farmers of Canada. We’d like to see more research done on this subject, with funding coming from more independent sources. Still, given the nutritional value of milk we’re not surprised by the findings here.