Mr Olympia 2011 Results – Phil Heath Beats Jay Cutler!

Ladies and gents, we have a new sheriff in town. Or – at least – a new, and simply phenomenal, Mr Olympia. A phantastic Phil Heath upset four time Mr Olympia Jay Cutler and took home the trophy (and a nice bunch of cash too – no less than $200,000) and can now call himself the best bodybuilder on the planet. At only 31 and still some way from reaching his full potential, Heath looks destined for greatness. Jay Cutler wasn’t in quite as good a shape as we’ve seen him in when he’s taken first spot in the past, and just couldn’t deal with a stunning Phil Heath in the best shape of his life (so far, at least). Kai Greene took third, and seems to be back on track to where he belongs. Newcomer Brandon Curry placed number 8 in what is of course unquestionably the greatest bodybuilding contest in the world, so I think he definitely did something noteworthy here. We certainly look forward to seeing more of you on the Mr Olympia stage in the future, Brandon!

Complete Results Mr Olympia 2011:

  1. Phil Heath
  2. Jay Cutler
  3. Kai Greene
  4. Victor Martinez
  5. Dennis Wolf
  6. Dexter Jackson
  7. Toney Freeman
  8. Brandon Curry
  9. Ronny Rockel
  10. Hidetada Yamigishi
  11. Shawn Roden
  12. Eward Nunn
  13. Johnnie Jackson
  14. Marius Dohne
  15. Craig Richardson
  16. Frank McGratch, Ben White, Evgeny Mishin, Troy Alves, Robert Burnelka, Robert Piotrkowicz, Marcus Haley and Mark LaVoie.

Congratulations, Phil. We are SUPER impressed with you and your progress over these last few years, and look forward to seeing you take home even more Mr Olympia trophies in the future. Because we really think you will.

In other news from Joe Weider’s Olympia weekend, the insanely great Iris Kyle took home another Ms Olympia title (she’s got seven of them now), Adela Garcia took another Fitness Olympia (her sixth), and Nicole Wilkins her second Figure Olympia title.

Bodybuilders aren’t strong? Watch Tom Platz squat 500 pounds (227.5 kilos) for 23 reps

Here’s some footage from what I personally consider to be the golden era of bodybuilding. One of the real bodybuilding icons of the eighties, Tom Platz, was an absolute monster when it came to both leg strength and size. Watch him complete 23 reps with 500 pounds on the bar:

Tom Platz – also known as The Golden Eagle – never won any of the absolute biggest titles in bodybuilding (probably due to the fact that he never had the most symmetrical build out there), but for someone like me, who got into the sport in the eighties, his still remains one of the key bodybuilding names of all time – much having to do with his rather insane leg mass, of course. He did come quite close to taking the biggest bodybuilding trophy of all home with him in 1981, though, when he placed third in that years Mr Olympia contest. He also won an honorary Mr America title in 1995. In 1978, he also took home the Amateur World Championship title. Tom Platz retired from bodybuilding in 1987, and has since done loads of different stuff, including acting and – some say – worked as a private investigator (I’d like to have that confirmed, but no luck as of yet). No doubt an all time bodybuilding great and living legend, Tom Platz is currently a Professor and Director of Bodybuilding Sciences at the International Sports Sciences Association. He lives with wife Cha (whom he married in September 2000) in Scottsdale Arizona. If I’m ever there, I’ll be sure to look him up and shake his hand – he is one of my original bodybuilding inspirations, and more than anyone he certainly inspired me to give it all on the leg press machine when I first started lifting back around the time he retired from the sport (I had yet to realized the superiority of squats, but hey, I’ll never forget how that leg press machine made me feel!)