BSN Syntha-6 reviewed!

When it was decided that we do a review of BSN’s popular protein supplement Syntha-6, it was clear that I had to be the one to do it. After all, it is no secret that BSN heavily targets the MMA market with the advertising and sponsoring, and I kinda tend to keep track of what goes on in that world. As a long time MMA junkie (I’ve been a fan and practitioner of the sport since UFC 2) I’m usually up to date with what’s going on. And with my involvement with this site, I tend to, ahem, feel obligated to make sure the MMA crowd aren’t offered a load of crap supplement wise. For that reason, I’m happy to state that BSN Syntha-6 seems like a fine product.

It’s certainly a fine tasting product. Syntha-6 tastes very, very nice indeed, and for me that’s key when choosing a protein supplement. If a can of protein doesn’t taste nice I’m probably not going to keep taking it. And if anything keeps me from taking Syntha 6, it’s certainly not the taste. The banana flavor was lovely, as was the strawberry one – both of them sufficiently so to make me want to check out the chocolate flavored version as well, which I will as soon as it arrives in the mail (and yes, you’ll see this article updated then). I’m pretty big on fruit and berry flavored protein and meal replacement drinks, so I’ve tried these ones first as usual (sorry, chocoloate lovers). They taste great, though. The product comes in a host of different flavors (Banana, Chocolate Milkshake, Chocolate Mint, Caramel Latte, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Cookies & Cream, Mocachino, Vanilla Ice Cream and Strawberry Milkshake) so there should be something for everyone, considering the emphasis they seem to have placed on making this a great tasting product.

Taste aside, is the product actually any good for you? Will Syntha-6 help you put on muscle mass, gain strength or whatever it is you want it to do for you? Let’s take a look at the ingredients and the nutritional values of BSN’s Syntha-6 and see if we can learn anything from those:

Syntha-6 contains: Protein Matrix Comprised Of (Whey Protein Concentrate [Milk], Whey Protein Isolate [Milk], Calcium Caseinate [Milk], Micellar Casein [Milk], Milk Protein Isolate [Milk], And Egg Albumin [Egg]), Glutamine Peptides [Wheat], Richmix Sunflower Powder Consisting Of (Sunflower Oil, Corn Syrup Solids, Sodium Caseinate [Milk], Mono- & Diglycerides, Dipotassium Phosphate, Tricalcium Phosphate, Lecithin [Soy], And Tocopherols), Dutch Processed Cocoa Powder, Polydextrose, Natural & Artificial Flavors [Soy & Milk], Nutrisperse MCT Powder Consisting Of (Medium Chain Triglycerides, Non-Fat Dry Milk, Disodium Phosphate, And Silicon Dioxide), Cellulose Gum, Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium, A²Zorb (Papain And Bromelain).

I’m glad to note that there is no Aspartame in this product. The product does contain, however, both Sucralose and Acesulfame Potassium – artificial sweeteners that some may object to for various reasons. The use of two different sweeteners is something we see in a lot of products these days, and the reason (from talking to manufacturers) is usually the “rounder” taste you get from going this route as opposed to just using one type of sweetener. We really would like to see more manufacturers use Stevia flavored protein supplements, though (like the awesome Jay Robb Whey Protein products). I’d also like to add that I’m not a huge fan of Calcium Caseinate in protein supplements due to the alleged possible neurotoxic effects of that substance.

BSN recommend 1-2 scoops (1 if you’re a lady) up to four times a day mixed with cold water or your favorite beverage (unless that’s beer – surprisingly, even the best tasting protein supplements don’t go that well with beer for some reason). I prefer milk – as I usually do. Besides, some of that good old fashioned casein in milk might help make my protein drinks even more effective.

One 44 g scoop of BSN Syntha-6 will give you approximately 22 grams of protein, 6 grams of fat, and 14 grams of carbohydrate (including 2 grams of sugar). In other words, this is hardly the protein supplement that gives you the most protein per gram. 6 grams of fat is quite a bit, and 14 grams of carbohydrates… Well, you can certainly get protein supplements that are more “pure protein” and less fats and carbs. Then again, this product does taste very, very nice – obviously due in part to the relatively high concentration of fats and carbs in here as opposed to protein. For someone on a diet, there may be other choices that will be a better suit, and if you’re looking to get the most grams of protein per dollar you’d also be advised to check out a few of the other products we’ve reviewd on this site. Still, I have no problem understanding why this is such a popular product nowadays (besides the intense marketing BSN does): Syntha-6 tastes awesome, and comes with a range of ingredients that can support your athletic / muscle building efforts. Do order a can today and check it out – it’s a treat!


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