Tommi Thorvildsen – Glutezilla!

“Glutezilla” Tommi Thorvildsen isn’t just one of the best professional bodybuilders to ever come out of Norway. Nicknamed after his striated glutes, this guy has competed in more than 30 competitions nationally and internationally. That’s a feat in itself, but Tommi hasn’t stopped there. He is also a successful businessman, owning a couple of gyms and a supplement store that also retails online. Curiously, between juggling business commitments, selling sports supplements (yes, you can buy a tub of whey protein from Tommi personally) and living the life of a professional bodybuilder (which, as everyone should know, is a 24 hour a day job), he also finds the time to work as a personal trainer in his Oslo gym and coach some of Norways most promising up and coming bodybuilders on the side. Tommi Thorvildsen should possibly publish a book on time management one day.

Tommi’s first win in a bodybuilding competition was back in 1997, when he competed in Sandefjord Open (which was actually founded by my old friend Geir Hansen, whose gym I trained at back in the late eighties). Tommi has since won a couple of Norwegian championships, and shared the stage in competition with the world’s absolute top bodybuilders of the last two decades. He has also trained with legends like six-time Mr Olympia Dorian Yates and the ageless one himself, Al Beckles.

Leaving the IFBB

After many years as an IFBB Pro and a Weider sponsored athlete, Tommi Thorvildsen left both organizations in 2007-2008 and then joined the young organization UPBF (United Professional Bodybuilders and Fitness Competitors, founded by Norwegian Roar Innlagen). Tommi cites financial reasons for leaving the IFBB, and also wanting to spend more time in Europe while building his businesses.

We hope to see Tommi back in competition soon!

Tommi Thorvildsen’s competition history

  • Sandefjord Open, 1997 (1st)
  • Oslo Grand Prix 1997 (1st)
  • Danish Invitational, 1997 (3rd)
  • Oslo Global Invitational, 1997 (1st)
  • Oslo Bodybuilding Trophy, 1997 (2nd)
  • Norwegian Championships, 1997 (Overall, 1st)
  • Norwegian Championships, 1998 (Overall, 1st)
  • Toronto Pro Invitational, 2000 (18th)
  • England Grand Prix, 2000 (9th)
  • Toronto Pro Invitational, 2001 (4th)
  • Night of The Champions, 2001 (6th)
  • Arnold Classic, 2002 (11th)
  • Grand Prix Austria, 2002 (3rd)
  • Ironman Pro Invitational, 2002 (6th)
  • San Francisco Pro Invitational, 2002 (6th)
  • Mr Olympia, 2002, (22nd)
  • IFBB Iron Man Pro 2003 (13th)
  • IFBB Arnold Classic And Internationals 2003 (12th)
  • IFBB San Francisco Pro 2003 (12th)
  • IFBB Grand Prix Australia 2003 (5th)
  • Night of The Champions 2003 (19th)
  • IFBB Grand Prix Hungary 2003 (13th)
  • IFBB Toronto Pro 2004 (7th)
  • IFBB Grand Prix Russia 2004 (7th)
  • IFBB Grand Prix Holland 2004 (10th)
  • IFBB Grand Prix England (2004 9th)
  • IFBB New York Pro 2006 (did not place)
  • IFBB Montreal Pro Classic 2007 (14th)
  • IFBB 15th Annual Sports/Fitness Weekend & Europa IFBB Super Show 2008 (17th)
  • IFBB Atlantic City Pro 2008 (16th)
  • IFBB Romanian Pro Grand Prix 2008 (13th)
  • UPBF Battle of The Giants 2009 (3rd)

Maximuscle Promax Review

Looking for a premium quality whey protein powder that might just get you better results than other similar products and don’t care too much about the cost? Maximuscle Promax might be just what the doctor ordered. This is a classy tasting product that that has top quality written all over it. While I tend to use more inexpensive whey protein concentrate products these days in an effort to be a little more frugal, I do like to go for a high end product from the top shelf now and then. And Maximuscle Promax is just that.

This is a pure whey protein product consisting of Maximuscle’s Biomax, a proprietary blend of whey protein isolates, hydrolosates and whey peptides. The percentage of protein is high, with 24.3 grams of protein per 120 calorie serving, but not quite as high as we’ve seen in some of the other high end products on the market. As an example, Ultimate Nutrition’s Iso Cool (which we have not had a chance to review here yet), has a whopping 23 grams of protein per 90 calorie serving. Promax is still miles away from the super popular and great tasting Syntha-6, though, which has only 22 grams of protein per 200 calories. Protein percentage isn’t everything, of course. Many feel that they get better results from using Promax than they do using a similar product (and I’ve heard people say that about Syntha-6 too). While this product could be a little lower in fats and carbs, that would probably also have an adverse impact on the taste -  and taste does matter quite a bit, in my opinion.

Promax ingredients:

Biomax, (90%, a Maximuscle proprietary high quality blend of whey protein isolates, hydrolosates and whey peptides), cocoa powder in Promax chocolate, Flavours: either vanilla/cocoa/strawberry/banana depending on the flavour displayed on each tub, Colours: riboflavin in vanilla and banana, beta carotene in vanilla, chocineal in strawberry; betain hydrochloride, patented in zinc stabilised purified prolase preparation derived from carcia papaya, Glutamine peptides, N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC), L-ornithine-keto-glutarate (OKG), Sweetener: Acesulfame-K, chromium picolinate.

Taste & mixability

This product tastes very good, and I’d love to order another tub of banana flavoured Promax again. Mixability is also pretty good, even though I could easily name a few products that mix even easier. And to everyone who wants more reviews of chocolate flavoured protein supplements here: I’m sorry, but after more than two decades of chocolate protein drinks I’m starting to get more than a little sick of them. Maybe I’ll start buying them again in the future, but for now I’m most fond of the fruit flavoured stuff.

Maximuscle Promax is no longer just a whey protein powder

Promax has become a whole series of products, so you’re not just limited to the protein powder reviewed here. You can also get the Promax Extreme, which is fortified with creatine and other potent ingredients like beta-ecdysterone (Suma extract), methoxyflavone and chromium picolinate. If you don’t feel like messing around with a blender or a shaker to get your protein needs met, the Promax Meal Bars (which we will review here as soon as we can get our hands on them), RTD protein drinks, breakfast oats, the Crisp bar (another snack my sweet tooth has ordered me to check out),  and the Promax amino acid blend. If you wanted to, you could probably live on Promax products alone (which would obviously be very, very silly, so don’t).

Maximuscle Promax is a bit too expensive for my liking, but seeing as the quality is so high I’d be happy to buy it again – soon! And that’s even with my Scottish genes, so the price can’t be that bad! ;) You won’t get the highest amount of protein for your money here, but what you’ll get is very high quality protein, and if that is what matters most to you  I urge you to give this product a try.

Nanox Isolox Bars

A box of Nanox Isolox bars might be a good investment for anyone looking for a small (because they’re really not very big) protein bar to use between meals or during a workout. This is one of the tastier bars I’ve had in long while, and the nutritional profile is also good. Like the two other Nanox products we’ve discussed here recently (the Androx Q12 testosterone booster and the Protilox whey protein powder), it comes across as a high quality product that I would be happy to recommend to anyone who feels bad about all the “real” candy bars they eat and want something that at least has some quality protein in it.

As the protein content of these bars hovers right around 35% they certainly make a good alternative to a regular candy bar or a hotdog, but do expect to have to chug down a couple of them if you’re a little hungry. Each bar weighs in at a measly 45 grams, so this isn’t meant as a meal replacement bar. Then again, that’s a good thing if you crave something sweet and candy-like but don’t want to have to spend 90 minutes on the stair master to punish yourself afterwards. Do be advised however, that this is not in any way a low carb bar, with each bar containing 18 grams of carbohydrates (10 grams of sugar).

I’ve tried this bar in two flavors, namely the coconut and the caramel. I really, really liked the caramel version, but you will never catch me buying another set of the coconut ones. The coconut flavor is not like the coconut flavor you would find in, say, a Bounty bar, but more like a coconut-cake flavor. If that’s your thing you might enjoy the coconut flavored Isolox bars, but otherwise I say go for the caramel flavored ones as they actually taste terrific. Or you could try the raspberry flavored ones, which sadly don’t seem to be available in my country at the moment (when they do become available I’ll give them a try and promptly update this review).

Nutritional Value Per Nanox Isolox Bar (45g):

Energy (760KJ) 180 Kcal
Protein 16 G
Carbohydrates 18 G (of which sugars: 10g)
Fat 5.4 G (of which saturated: 2.8g)

Ingredients: Milk protein, milk chocolate coating (sugar, cocoa butter, milk powder, cocoa mass, emulsifier:soy lecithin), flavor, glucose syrup, hydrolyzed collagen, fructose syrup, thickener: glycerol, vegetable fat, glucose, caramel crisps (sugar, vegetable fat, caramel falvor, salt, emulsifier: soy lecithin) flavor, low fat cocoa powder,  ice crispies, dried egg-albumin. May contain traces of nuts and gluten.

Final Verdict?

Taste : 4/5. The caramel flavored bars taste great, and many would easily give these a 5/5. I give them a 4/5 because I’ve had even better tasting protein bars. Unfortunately, the coconut flavored ones I bought will be given away to people (or animals) I don’t like.

Nutritional value: 4/5. High in protein and high in carbs, with decent fat values.

Value for money: 3/5. These bars are a little expensive in my opinion.

These are great tasting, nutritious but rather small protein bars. Recommended!